Global real estate investment markets? Manhattan, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the greater Miami are the top US realty markets for attracting foreign investment capital. According to industry experts, the US is undoubtedly the world’s top market for residential real estate investability based on its high economic growth and potential for market recovery. Nevertheless, local conditions must be kept in mind. There is great discrepancy between the thriving markets at the top and the flagging economies that make up the lower strata.

global real estate investment

The UAE with its growing demand and increasing wealth takes second spot for residential real estate investment potential, right behind the US. Singapore and the United Kingdom rank at the 3rd and 4th positions respectively, based on their potential for investability as markets that offer economic safety and growth opportunities.


The 11th and 12th spots are taken up by China and Hong Kong, where prices are intermittently high and the short- to medium-term investment returns are low. While the potential is certainly there, China and Hong Kong need to see yield movement and rental growth before they can climb higher up the list.

The strength of the United States as a promising investment market is clear, with San Francisco showing the biggest midyear growth, followed by New York, Miami and Los Angeles.


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