Real Estate Lead Generation: Using Telemarketing Mortgage Leads to Up your Results in a Down Market

Mortgage brokers seeking to stay on top in a down market need to find creative ways to generate new mortgage leads. One approach is to purchase lists of telemarketing mortgage leads from leads generation providers who specialize in residential real estate loans.


By purchasing telemarketing mortgage leads from these providers, a broker can potentially save valuable time and money. Many traditional forms of real estate lead generation are expensive and time consuming, and a broker spends countless hours weeding through thousands of bum leads before finding a “fresh” lead who wants to do business.

A good telemarketing mortgage leads list can help real estate brokers generate fresh mortgage leads without an excess investment of time and money. This is a crucial advantage in the current real estate market, where most brokers are stretched thin as they search for new customers while continuing to meet the needs of existing customers.


Telemarketing mortgage leads is a hands-free, person-to-person approach that can help expedite the pre-screening and pre-qualification process through “live person” phone calls made you’re your service provider’s outbound call center.

A good telemarketing mortgage leads provider delivers only the pre-screened leads to the broker by transferring them directly to the broker’s office via phone, fax or email.


Telemarketing Mortgage Leads Providers

It is important to use a telemarketing mortgage leads provider that verifies and pre-qualifies new mortgage loan prospects according to the highest standards and criteria. Look for a provider that utilizes a system of quality control in order to weed out any non-qualifying loan or refinance leads before selling them to you.

Also make sure they have a return policy for any non-viable leads they sell you that don’t meet the qualifying criteria.

Customize Your Telemarketing Mortgage Leads

Be careful to choose a telemarketing mortgage leads provider that will customize their screening and delivery methods to meet your needs. For example, once a good lead has been identified by your telemarketing call service, you can request that it be delivered directly to your phone as a “live transfer.”

You can customize your telemarketing leads program so that qualified prospects are delivered to you daily or the next day for your immediate follow-up.

Shorten Your Closing Process

Phone calls are faster and more direct than most other forms of marketing and, therefore, results are faster. The real advantage of telemarketing mortgage leads over other forms of lead generation is that your qualified lead calls can be instantly delivered to you via telephone transfer so you can connect with your customer and complete the closing process in half the time it would have taken you through direct mail, advertising or Internet research

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PS. I just hired a consultant to handle our cold calling and telemarketing. I’ll send an update soon on our successes/challenges.

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