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Real estate agents earn their income through a commission on each home sold or bought by their clients. They have no employees, no buildings, and no staff to manage. All they have is the knowledge of the market, some negotiating skills, and a real desire to make a profit. Real estate commissions are usually calculated by the agent’s house sales multiplied by the number of hours they have spent working on the property and the amount they earned from the sale of the property. The formula for calculating exactly how much your real estate agent earns per house sold can become quite complicated, but it’s worth knowing how to calculate your yearly sales figures even if you are just starting in real estate.


To earn as much money as possible from real estate agents, they must be able to sell homes quickly and effectively. For this reason, most real estate agents have to take on several tasks such as screening tenants, holding open houses, and showing homes to potential buyers. Although these agents do not have to do all of these things, more often than not, they have to do all of them to make a consistent profit. With these extensive tasks being carried out by real estate agents, how can one expect to earn as much money as possible? This is where you can use a few proven tips.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when choosing to work as an agent is thinking about how much they are going to make in the first year of being an agent. In reality, the true average real estate agents make per year is about forty-five thousand dollars. Of course, if you work in an area where homes sell quickly and for a good price, your real estate agent’s salary will be much higher. However, if you were to choose a job where the real estate market is slow, your agent salary would reflect this slowdown for you to receive compensation for the work you have invested into your career.


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