Is it Worth to Invest in Property & Real Estate?

How much is it worth it to invest in property & real estate? Is it even worth to invest at all? The bottom line: Is real estate investing worth it? Real estate investing always comes with both financial rewards and financial risk. Think about the possibility that you may have to be stuck holding onto your property for years to come to properly weather economic lows and highs.

If you are planning on investing, you can either buy rental property or buy a house outright. Investing in rental property is a great way to build up your equity in a short-term manner while waiting for a good opportunity to present itself in a more permanent way. Rental property is a great investment because it is not tied down to any particular geographic area or neighborhood. In other words, if you wanted to sell your property and move somewhere else, an interested buyer could purchase your rental property at the current asking price, lease it out, and then you make money from renting out the property without ever owning it.


For example, say you are looking for a place to invest ten thousand dollars. If you buy a house in upstate New York and invest ten thousand dollars into the real estate, you can expect to earn back four thousand dollars a year. However, if you bought an apartment in the hip downtown of the East Village in New York City, you would have to spend ten thousand dollars a year to rent the apartment out for two years to a group of twenty people who are looking for affordable housing. The apartment is probably worth ten to twelve thousand dollars a year.

Investing in real estate is also a smart choice if you are interested in investing for the long term. There are properties that are worth more than they are sold for because they are under a year or two of rental. When you purchase an apartment building, you only pay a one time fee, and you own the property for the length of the lease. However, you must remember to keep the property occupied, or the leasing fee will go unpaid. This is a great way to make money by renting out properties that are worth less than the monthly rental fee.


Is it worth it to invest in real estate for the short term? For example, say you wanted to buy a condo in uptown Miami and rent it out for a few months during the summer. If you purchase a property that is under six months of the contract, you will have to pay two month’s rent. It is possible, of course, to lease investment properties for the long-term and reap the benefits by reaping in the rental income. However, if you are interested in investing for the short term only, you will want to look at properties that are less than a year in age, because you will not be able to rent them out for much longer.

Is it worth it to invest in real estate investment properties in the new York city? If you need a lot of office space and a great location that have a lot of foot traffic, the real estate development in the new York city may be a good investment choice. However, if you do not need a lot of office space and a great location and you are interested in investing in homes in the new York city, you may want to look at properties that are less than a year old in the suburbs of the city, in a less populated area. This is a good investment choice if you do not need a lot of office space and you do not need a great job growth area.


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