Moving home can be an expensive business. Here are some handy tips on how you can save money during this tiresome process. How to save money on your move in UK

Plan Carefully


Lack of careful planning can be a major cause of unnecessary expense. If you plan carefully then you will have ample time to find the best deals for all of the costly items that can really sting you. These fall into the following broad categories: Your estate agent (and their fee!), your house dressing costs, your legal costs, removal costs, mortgage costs and the costs associated with setting up in a new home (cable tv, broadband etc.)

Your Estate Agent


Look around carefully before choosing your estate agent. There are three major considerations.

  1. What is their fee
  2. What kind of reviews do they have from other customers
  3. Which property websites do they advertise on

All three of these items must be taken into consideration. In the UK you must be careful that your very cheap estate agent is advertising on the property portals (websites) which really deliver the leads – and give you the most exposure. I would expect to see your property on at least one of these main portals :, or


Reviews are also important. Look for an agent who has good and positive feedback. (Don’t be put off by the occasional moaner).

House Dressing

House dressing is essential for getting the best price and fasters sale for your property. If you don’t leave everything to the last minute then you can shop around for a reasonably prices cleaner and decorator to freshen your home up. If you need to move clutter in to storage then you can also find good deals for this, or even beg to box things up and store them in a friend’s garage or spare room until you move.

The Legal Fee

The same rules apply for selecting a solicitor. Don’t just use the solicitor recommended by your estate agent – this can be a costly mistake. You don’t need to use a local solicitor. What you need is a reasonably prices solicitor with a weight of good / positive reviews to prove they can be trusted with your very important transaction. There are plenty of ways of getting an online conveyancing quotation.

When you compare the quotations (which are nicely listed) be sure not to just look at the price – but to also read the reviews left for each solicitor. Some new solicitors don’t have reviews yet – so they’re a bit of an unknown quantity.

Removal Costs

Shop around for a removal company – but again be sure to find one with good reviews and not just rock bottom prices. Make doubly sure that they are adequately insured and that they are trustworthy to get your stuff safely from point A to B! The Internet is again your friend here, and by carefully shopping around and getting quotes you can get a fixed price for a pre-agreed date and have peace of mind that everything is arranged.

Mortgage Costs

Finding the right mortgage product is essential. Make appointments with ALL of the major mortgage companies – (you need advice from an Independent Financial Adviser) and get the best possible deal that suits our circumstances. Don’t just go for the first thing you find. Don’t over-stretch yourself. Failing to repay loans secured on your property could result in a repossession and other unpleasant things. Always seek the advice of a fully qualified professional in financial matters.

Other Services Costs

If you plan ahead properly then you will have time to shop around and get all of the best deals on your telephone, broadband, television, gas and electric. It’s important that these utility companies know when you are moving in and moving out. Don’t forget to take meter readings before you leave and after you arrive at your new property. Photographic evidence is best – so consider taking a properly dated photograph – a folded newspaper in the shot with the date would help a perhaps.

Consider using a service such as to find the best deals if you are short on time.

Don’t forget item such as house contents and buildings insurance – it may not be cheapest just taking the policy recommended by your mortgage company.

Fines & Penalties

Don’t forget – if you forget to inform certain government agencies etc. of your change of address you could be in for a fine – so be organised, and let everyone that needs to know that you have moved house.

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